This Is What Happens When I Read The News Before Coffee

So they’ve decided Mike Rowe has enough income these days from his Ford shilling, and the Discovery Channel gave the chop to “Dirty Jobs.” It’s okay. I have all the episodes I loved the best on DVD and I can visit Mikey whenever I want to.
This also frees up Mike to do a bit of visiting, so I’d like to just throw this out there, in case he’s reading this:

Dear Mike,
H works evenings next week. I have the phone number to the good pizza place. Let me know, I’ll wash the dog so we don’t all smell like that.
Here’s the address:
3rd Tincan Down From the BIG Pile of Chupacabra Shit,
Satan’s Nutsack, USA

PS… please don’t bring the crew. I don’t want to share the pizza that much.

8 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When I Read The News Before Coffee

  1. *sigh* Must now go check out the Discovery Channel website and see what they think is better tv than Dirty Jobs.

    In the meantime, you might consider enticing Mike to stop at your place by offering to let him help you wash the dog… just sayin…

  2. Getting seriously disgusted with Discovery Channel. I realize that Dirty Jobs had it’s run and perhaps it’s time to hang it up, but lately they can’t find anything else to put on other than shows about Alaska and the Yukon and discovering gold, ad nauseum. Twenty-four to seven. What, they can’t mix it up with reruns of Mythbusters or Deadliest Catch or something else from time to time? Their inability to offer us anything more, as well as other once-popular networks having the same dearth-of-programming issues (A&E, TLC, etc) is making me seriously reconsider if cable or satellite TV is worth the expense anymore.

  3. They cancelled Dirty Jobs? I kind of figured they had as there were no new episodes, but I am still going to make my pouty face for the rest of the day. That was one of my favorite shows.

    It seems like all the networks that used to be “good” (TLC, Discovery, Nat Geo, etc.) now share the same brain and are all devoted to digging up the freaks and putting them on show. Do we really need eight programs about the Amish, especially considering they won’t be watching themselves, seeing as they don’t have tvs….

  4. There isn’t enough programming to keep up all these boutique channels 24/7/365. Seriously. There was barely enough to keep stations going back in the benighted 3 nets/UHF/pay cable era… That’s why they all signed off for the day after the Late Late Movie. Seriously, even HBO signed off for the night. “Go ahead, people, turn off the set and go to sleep, it’s cool. That’s what we’re doing.”

    Either these channels will do the same, or combine into one interesting channel, or else they will perish and the individual series will be sold one-by-one on the syndication model to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. The days of behemoth television can’t endure.

  5. My favorite episode of “Dirty Jobs” is when Mike was working in an attic…wearing sweatpants. Yeah. If you’ve got that video, you know what I mean.

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